We do not recommend face painting for children under the age of three years old. Any child under this age may be offered a small design on the hand or arm.


The face paint products are FDA or EEC approved. They are safe, water-based, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic. Professional face paints are formulated especially for this purpose, and will not irritate or harm the skin.


We only use high quality professional face painting brands. Please ask for more detailed information.


These products contain anti-bacterial agents and gentle enough to use on younger skin. All products used by us comply to EEC safety regulations for cosmetics.


The equipment (brushes and sponges) are washed and cleansed thoroughly in between sessions. The water pots are changed regularly throughout each session. We work to a very high standard of safe and hygienic practice.


We will not paint any child (or adult) with any of the following conditions:  such as measles, german measles or chicken pox; contagious skin conditions such as cold sores, ringworm, scabies, impetigo; eczema, sore or broken skin; any inflamed / itchy skin condition; anyone suffering from known allergies to cosmetics; conjunctivitis.


It is rare to experience an allergic reaction to professional standard face paint products. However, as a precaution, smaller children should be always be accompanied by a parent or guardian (or have consent from either) to ensure that face painting is suitable for them.


It is the responsibility of the guardian or parent of the child to advise us if a child has sensitive skin or has experienced allergic reactions previously. In this situation it is advisable not to paint their face. A small design painted on their arm or hand, which may also double as a patch test may be more appropriate and will be offered at the artist's discretion.


We are covered by Public Liability Insurance but we won't be liable for any allergic reactions to face paint due to the above.


Adults must remain present when children get painted. Our concentration is focused on the child we are painting in front of us, and cannot be responsible for watching over unsupervised children. Children will remain the responsibility of the parent, guardian, event host or organiser.


We will stop painting if a child does not want to continue, or is unable to sit in the chair long enough to be safely painted.

If there are any other questions you have that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact me.










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